Abdominal Stretchable Wrap For Dog


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Abdominal Stretchable Wrap for Dog Size 5 are designed to help contain any urine marking accidents on your carpet or furniture and are especially useful when you are house training.

Abdominal Stretchable Wrap for Dog can help housetrain your dog or puppy as well as make housetraining a little more pleasant for everyone involved. This wrap is great for incontinent dogs or dogs that urinate when excited or a little nervous. They prevent your dog from making a mess in the house.

This wrap also works as an anti breeding aid for your intact dog. Male dogs that are not neutered can be prevented from breeding by using this abdominal wrap.

Wrap it under your dog so it covers the relevant section, adjust it so it fits your dog comfortably. The soft fabrics will prevent rubbing on the skin or fur and the bottleneck design is to try and help prevent the band from spinning around, it also interferes less with your dog’s movement.

The wrap covers better and is inexpensive. The product can also come in handy if you are visiting friends, relatives or staying in a hotel and are worried about a marking accident. It is also very useful if you have an elderly dog who has become incontinent or leaky.

We would suggest you to consider purchasing extra wraps so that when one is being cleaned you have another available.


Great for travel and visiting
Simplicity and ease of use
Comfortable and absorbent for incontinent dogs
Can be easily wrapped over the body
Useful in maintaining later operative hygiene
Also applicable in wound management

Size- 1, 3, 4, 5
Suitable for dog – dog with tigh circumfrence 16 – 20 inch
Material- stretchable fabric

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