Order Cancellation

The cancellation of orders will be taken into account as per the Standard Order Cancellation policy of the company.

Cancellation by the company:

There might be certain orders that the company might fail to accept and even cancel some orders due to unforeseen consequences. The various reasons behind the cancellation of the order includes shortage of quantity of product available for sale, error in the pricing of the product, delay of more than 48 hours in  payment of the required amount and any discrepancy identified by the fraud avoidance department of the company. Before accepting some orders additional information from the buyer might be required for verification purpose and failure to provide such information will cancel the order.

Cancellation by customer:

The entire amount will be refunded to the customer in case the order is cancelled before the product is shipped. In case the product has been already shipped but not yet delivered and the customer wishes to cancel the order then Customer Support team must be contacted.  The order cannot be cancelled after the delivery and can only be cancelled if any of the product turn out to be defective.


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