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Balanced and nutritious diet is extremely important for bird’s Health. However, it’s even more important to understand that different species of birds have different dietary needs. Incorrect diet is one the major reason of health problems in pet birds.  One of the common mistakes done by most of pet bird owners is feeding birds a diet of seeds only. In contrast to their untamed counterparts, pet birds get lesser exercise. And above all just like kids they are picky eaters, who are smart enough to choose delicious of seeds, leaving aside the healthy (non delicious) ones. The rest you will found scattered around the cage.

Birds are such beautiful creation in nature that spreads beauty and melody all around.  At nappets , we offer specifically formulated food from renowned brands, which assures to provide better nutritional balance for your loving pet bird.  There are many formulated diet options on nappets that gives plenty of options to bird lovers to choose specifically according to their pet bird species. Supplemented with extra nutrients and vitamins, these diets are perfect blend of fruits with goodness of vegetables, grains and seeds. It’s imperative for bird owners to understand that just like healthy habits lead to healthy you, it same goes for birds too.

Some of the finest bird food brands available on nappets are:







Tropifit Cockatiel Food 

PetAg BeneBac Plus Bird 

Nekton-S Multi-Vitamin For Birds – 35 gm

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