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Business at Nappets does not mean only transaction of goods and money. It is also building a healthy business relationship among customers and owners of the firm. Here the privacy policy is framed to help you to understand that the personal information of our customers (i.e. you), our business partners and other related people shall be kept secret for the purpose of security. Hence, without any hesitation, you can submit your personal details so that we can serve you at our best.

The personal information provided at is stored in an unencrypted manner in a public environment and is not covered under the protection of this privacy policy. The third parties such as community, classifieds, chat rooms, blogs, etc are accessible to public environment which may extract and employ this information for their personal usage. Hence, it is our request to customers to decide carefully, while disclosing their personal information on a public environment, as it is based on their own risk.

The information collected by

To get maximum services, you may have to submit your name, mail id, contact information such as address, phone number etc. In some cases you may also share some personal pictures.

Nappets can also get linked with your personal accounts at social media such as Facebook, Google+ etc and if you ALLOW, it might get information from there as your identity information under the authentication service of the accounts.

The process of using information collected by us

We use your personal information like your email, postal address, telephone to provide you best service  and to communicate  about our products, services, contests, promotions and also to send you the status of order and shipment. This will help us to aware about your preferences for shopping and to improve your shopping experiences. Another important thing is that we get opportunity to make an analysis of our trend and statistics so that we can address our problems and improvise our site designs, services and products as well. This will help us to contact you if it is needed. We will honour your valued suggestions.

We offer you ‘choice’ to receive marketing information or calls. For this you can see the section, ‘Choices for receiving promotional communications?” You can opt yes/no accordingly. If you want to decline you can do it.

About sharing the information

Your information will only be shared to our service providers who are authorised by us to manage our customer information and provide service to them. The service provider will no way reveal your information or use your data for other purposes. The service provider will intimate you about our promotional things. It can also use your information when it conducts survey.

We may share your personal information to some other related companies which will work for us in providing services to our customers.

Your information may be shared when any legal matter arises. We may use your information to comply with laws and regulations or in the case of requirement of govt in order to protect the rights of the company and to protect the property, personal safety and safety of our users. We may unveil our customer’s information if necessary to do so by rule or in faith that such action is essential to comply with state and other governing bodies.

We offer our customers to choose to participate in any third party scrip, loyalty or similar programmes that our company participates as a vendor. We will be authorised by you to share your information about your purchases to the company that administer the respective programme.  In Scrip programme you allow us to divert certain percentage of the amount you spend on the purchases of nappets to the participating schools and other non-profit organisations. In Loyalty programme you will earn some points on the purchases of our products. These points you may use towards certain offered by the loyalty programmes that you are participating.

We may reveal your information like your name and address, the date and amount of purchase, the credit card number to the third party scrip or loyalty programme.  We sincerely urge you to make a choice of it and review these policies as there is possibility of sharing your information by the third party to other s in accordance with its own privacy policy. We have no control over them in this case.

The company reserves the right that,   in case the company is sold or merged, our business and customer’s information that we have collected will be treated as transferred business assets.

How to access and make a change of the information

You can change your information like name, contact details that are available at our online sites. You are required simply to sign in to your account using your email address and password. Then you can change your personal details in your account profile.

“How do I contact you?” section will also help you to change your personal information. Your email request takes around 10 days to update your personal information and your postal mail takes 6-8 weeks to update your information.

Choices for receiving promotional communication

We give choices to our customers to make a choice to receive promotional offers and sales event. If you do not prefer to receive the promotional offers you can contact our customer service in the section “How do I contact you?”We will remove your name and address from the promotional list. This takes 10 days to process if you send it through email and it takes around 6-8 weeks if you send it through postal mail.

We also give you choice if you again plan to receive the promotional offer. Please log in to your personal account at out site and change the preference. You can also contact our customer care for this facility.

About cookies

Cookies are small data files which are stored on your computer when you visit  a website. We use cookies which will enable you to shop on our websites. This will help you to increase your experiences in online shopping. You can use certain website features like shopping cart, store your preference, and track your order. You can use cookies to collect transaction information that is needed by a scrip or loyalty programme.

You have an option to set your browser not to accept cookies. You can also set it to notify you if a cookie is sent. You may accept it or you may reject it. However, you can not access your account information or make any kind of purchase on our website if you do not accept our cookies. But you need not to have cookies turned on to browse our websites.

Web Beacons

We use web beacons on our websites and in our emails. These are small graphic images help us to track, collect and analyze the customer’s online behaviour and the effectiveness of our websites. We may track how you arrive at our website and what you do at the websites. In this process we collect your Internet protocol (IP) address, your browser type, your operating system, data and information and other technical information about your computer. We can also know about your visit to other website before you visit our websites. We can also track web affiliate sales or compile sales and statistical data.

We have also associated companies that use tracking technology and serve advertisements on our behalf across the internet. The companies also gather information about your visits to our websites, interaction with our advertising and other communications.

The information we have collected from you through cookies and web beacons may be combined to use to enhance our business processes and website management.

Secure of personal information

The company sincerely maintain a strategy to keep privacy of the customer’s shopping activity. We have systematic mechanism like electronic, contractual, managerial and physical preservers to protect the security of your personal information.

We have Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) that immediately protects your personal information when you give during your visit on our websites. We advise you to look at the lower left-hand corner of your browser before you submit any financial information. You will know that SSL is active if you see an unbroken key or closed lock.  You want to know whether you are using a secured server then you see the first characters of the address in the browser should change from “to “https”.

For any other reason if you are unable to make online shopping then you contact us over phone at the number listed in the section   entitled, “How do I contact you?”


Phishing is a trick to steal your personal information.  You should not respond to the mail that ask you to provide your information like your password, user name, credit card information and other personal information. We never ask our customers all the private information through email.

How to deal with unsolicited emails

We are aware about the phishing emails that are sent under our name.  We sincerely advise our customers not click the links or open any files that are suspicious.   We also work on these to protect you from these kinds of fraudulent emails.

Link with other websites

Our websites may have links with other sites. This link is to provide you more information and for your convenience. These sites may have different kind of privacy policy. Our company is not responsible for the content or practices of any linked sites. We urge you to make a review the privacy policy of any cites that you are accessing through our sites.

How to contact you?

You can contact any of our email, postal mail and telephone for your use. You can change or update your personal information. You can make choices about receiving promotional offers. You can also make questions about our privacy policy. We track and log the information with your personal account to improve in rendering our services. We also make follow up on the request of our customers. We also contact people who may be violating our policies.


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