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Calcishell PET is a nutritional feed supplement containing calcium & phosphorus in balanced proportion to supplement the home made food for pets, Pet foods or meat based foods which may be deficient in these minerals.

Calcishell PET helps in to maintaining strong bones in adult dogs, helps in the healthy growth of skeleton / bones & teeth in young puppies & kitten.

Directions for Supplemental Nutrition:

Sprinkle one measuring spoonful over the food or feed for puppies, small dogs & cats.
Two spoonfuls for medium sized dogs.
Three spoonfuls for large dogs, pregnant or nursing females
Complimentary feed contains:

Minerals, Milk & Milk Derivatives, Yeasts.

Indicative ingredients analysis :
Crude protein 2.1%, Crude Fibre 0.12%, Crude Oils & Fats 0.2%,
Crude Ash 56%, Moisture 14%, Calcium 26%,
Phosphorus 17%, Magnesium 0.8%,


Do not exceed the recommended dose rates.
Avoid using, if the diet already contains sufficient quantities of Calcium & Phosphorus.
Over supplementation of Calcium & Phosphorus can cause skeletal problems. Supplement the diet of pregnant 7 nursing females under veterinarians supervision.

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