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Pet-o-lac is a complete milk replacement feed for new born and weaning puppies, kittens, any orphan puppies or for sick animal.

Pet-o-lac Puppy milk formula is recommended for very small puppies specially designed to substitute or complement breast milk (loss of milk after caesarean section, urinary gland inflammation, numerous litter etc.) It’s unique formula with a high content of milk proteins, vitamins and minerals ensures the correct growth of puppies.

Recommended Dilution:
Add pet-o-Lac puppy milk 30gm (6 scoops) in 105ml warm water and stir until completely dissolved. Allow the milk to cool and then serve. Prepared milk may be kept in the refrigerator up to 24 hours
Recommended Daily Dosage::
Please follow the guidelines which are given in the table according to the size and weight of animal as given below

Ingredients :

Birth Weight (g) Week 1 Feed 8 Times a day Week 2 Feed 6 Times a day Week 3 Feed 5 Times a day After Week 3 Feed 4 Times a day
100-250 30-40 ml 40-60 ml 60-70 ml 80-180 ml
250-350 70-90 ml 90-130 ml 130-180 ml 240-350 ml
350-500 100-150 ml 160-200 ml 200-320 ml 320-450 ml
Over 500 160-180 ml 200-300 ml 300-460 ml 460-560 ml

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