Aquarium Magnetic Glass Cleaner- RS 09


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The magnetic cleaner is an excellent product to clean your aquarium glass from all impurities such as dirt and algae. This RS Electrical Aquarium Magnetic Glass Cleaner comes with two powerful magnets. One magnet is placed on the outside of your aquarium and one on the inside. The outside pad of the tank has a friction reducing pad to ensure that it stays in place.
The magnetic cleaner comes with an ergonomic grip handle which makes it all the more easy to clean without abrasing your hand. The RS electrical Aquarium Magnetic Glass Cleaner can be used for both saltwater and freshwater aquariums. It is extremely effective to remove all kind of impurities that are stuck to the aquarium glass. The regular and easy use of the glass cleaner ensures that the aquarium will always look crystal clear.
Two heavy duty magnets one on the inside and the outside of the aquarium
Easy to clean glass
Does not wet your hands
Ergonomic handle to ensure easy grip

Use – For cleaning aquarium glass
Length – 3.70 inch
Breadth – 2.7 inch
Height – 1.7 inch

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