Aromatree Natural Air Fresheners Citrus Lemon


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The Aromatree Natural Air Fresheners Citrus Lemon is a blessing in disguise if you want to create a soothing ambience for yourself or your guests.

We have good news for all you people who love to experiment with fragrances and want to try something different. With the Aromatree Natural Air Fresheners Citrus Lemon, you can experience freshness just as you spray a little bit of this freshener in your car or room.
The citrus lemon fragrance is enticing with several benefits. It can easily remove bad or strong odour like ashtray odour from your surroundings. It has antiseptic properties that cleanse the air you breathe in. The alcohol present in it helps it to act as a disinfectant and insect repellent.
With the uplifting effect this fragrance can make anyone lively, distressed, eliminate anxiety and improve all bad moods. It keeps you alert always and helps you fight restlessness. You can never get nauseated when this fragrance lingers around you for long hours. Instead you feel energised and experience reduced fatigue. Spraying a little bit of this freshener in your bedroom every night will ensure peaceful sleep. It alleviates all kind of symptoms of sleeplessness and releases all stress.
The Aromatree Natural Air Fresheners Citrus Lemon is a great buy as it has several health benefits. It is effective in creating the enticing atmosphere wherever you want.A few bucks spent on buying this air freshener will never go waste!


  • Maintains long lasting freshness
  • Natural spray air freshner
  • It gives aroma therapy benifits like-stress relief,calming effect and plesant atmosphere
  • Ideal car freshner and can be use in small rooms
  • Effective upto 4 hours


Quantity- 75ml, 300ml

Fragrance- Citrus Lemon

Note:Do not spray over dog and cats

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