Atopivet Spot On For Cat and Dog 2ml


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Atopivet® Spot-On is a hygiene product for cats and dogs that helps keep pets’ skin healthy, hydrated and well-nourished. Dermial® Hyaluronic Acid significantly boosts keratinocyte proliferation and migration of dermal fibroblasts, which are involved in the regenerative ability of the skin. Dermial® induces an increase in skin hydration due to greater production of hyaluronic acid and its ability to boost elastin production. Ceramides are essential sphingolipids found in the stratum corneum that play a key role in maintaining the skin’s barrier functions. Defects in the barrier, like those that often occur as the result of situations that weaken the integrity of the skin, like atopic dermatitis, have been associated with lower ceramide levels and morphological changes in the stratum corneum, as well as decreased filaggrin expression. Filaggrin is a very important protein involved in supporting skin functions and re-epithelisation processes, among others. Biosfeen® is a sphingolipid that contains ceramides and is high in sphingomyelin, which is a ceramide precursor. Biosfeen® boosts ceramide levels by stimulating endogenous ceramide synthesis. This has been confirmed in ultra-structural observations of lamellar bodies after use of Atopivet® Spot-On. It has also been seen to help control the inflammatory process and decrease itching.

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