Ayurvet Vitacharm Dog Coat Conditioner 100 ml


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Ayurvet Vitacharm Dog Coat Conditioner 100 ml

AyurvetVitacharm Dog Coat Conditioner for dog is super effective way to treat all type of skin infections without use of any chemicals. The all natural gel has been finished using all natural elements that are found in nature.

This helps to cure a wide variety of wounds that may be present on the skin of your pet as a result of injury or after surgery.

Vitacharm Dog Coat Conditioner is very effective to treat all skin infections caused by ringworm and other parasites. This is tremendously active to treat various kinds of dermatitis and scabies. It helps to soothe and heal all burned skin. It also will give your dog relief from the rash elbow as well.

Conditioner will effectively reduce all types of itching. You can even use this gel on shallow wounds and surgical wounds on your pet.


  • Completely natural ingredients
  • Helps to treat all wounds
  • Soothes skin from all allergies and infections
  • Does not irritate the pet
  • Excellent for burns and scalds


  • Up to 10 kg body weight 2.5 to 5 ml
  • Directly above 10 kg body weight 5 to 10 ml

Storage Instructions

Store in cool dry place


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