Bayer Advocate Spot-On 4.0 ml for 25-40kg


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4.0 ml for 25-40kg
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This product can be a blessing in camouflage for all pet owners who are faced with the problem of ticks, fleas and other external parasites. This defender of Bayer helps eliminate various types of

worms your dog. This helps protect you from all diseases that can be incurred with parasite infections

The application of the product is also very easy. What your dog trouble in any way. Simply part hair and apply with the help of the pipette. In adult dogs, make sure that you apply on the back of

the neck, under the arms and at the base of the tail.

These are the places that are infested with the most parasites. The product stops flea bites within three to five minutes of application. The product is super-efficient and kills nearly 98% to 100% of

the parasites with 12 hours of application.

You just need to apply this once a month and it will ensure that your dog stays free parasites.


Protect dog from outside fleas

Protect the dog from various worms

Prevent infestation

Fast acting

Convenient in use


Store in cool dry place

It is Suitable for 10 to 25 kg dogs


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