Beaphar Puppy Trainer 20ml


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  • Specially used in training of your pet.
  • Can be used in both in & outdoor.
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20 ml
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Specially formulated for protecting the valuable items in the house. Can be used in both in & out-doors.


  • Help house trains your puppy by encouraging him to do his business in a place selected by you.
  • The unique scent attracts your dog.
  • Protect valuable rugs, furniture, and carpets.
  • Continuous use cultivates habits.

Directions to use indoors:

  • Keep a few drops on puppy training pad.
  • Allow the puppy sniff the spot.
  • The pet will soon realize it as an approved place.
  • Repeat the process frequently, mainly awakening before retiring & after meals.

Directions to use outdoors:

  • Put multiple drops on the ground at the designated spot.
  • When the pet performs, praise him.
  • Repeat the process several times a day

Note: The time length for the training of dog properly may vary depending on the dog.

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