BirdSpot Block Natural Hanging Bird Toy


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9 inch
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The Block Natural Hanging bird toy is the perfect toy for all your birds. This is an excellent interactive toy that helps to stimulate the mind of all your birds. Your caged birds need stimulation as there are not able to have a free flight. In nature there are a lot of thing to nibble at and tug. This can be hanged inside the cage and your birds can nibble and tug at it to their as much as they want.
The toy is made with a combination of different sizes of natural wood blocks. This is suitable for all sizes of birds. This is especially hand crafted for birds such as parrots and love birds as they love to play in secure surroundings. The Block Natural hanging bird toy will not intimidate the birds and can provide countless hours of fun.
Colorful product for your birds
Effective in development phases of bird
Provides mental stimulation
Completely safe for your birds
Suitable for – African parrot, macau, love bird, parakeet and other parrots
Length – 9 inch (length including hook)
Material – wood and metallic ring

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