Choostix Dog Chicken Biskies 1 kg


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Choostix Multigrain Biskies-Real Chicken, Liver Extracts, Calcium-Phosphorus, is formulated to reduce Tartar Build-Up. These biscuits are good for the heart of the dog & helps in reducing cholesterol. These Biskies ensure good health & are fortified with natural Vitamins A, B12 and Iron. They are high in protein that helps to increase stamina & facilitates growth of blood cells. They also keep the Teeth & bones stronger. The freshly baked biskies are an ideal training treat.


Choostix are made from high quality products and are ideal for all breeds of dogs.

Choostix treats satisfy the natural urge to chew whilst reducing tartar and promoting healthy teeth and gums.

Supplement your dog diet with these tasty biskies.

They are also the perfect treat at the time of teething.

Use as a training reward or a treat.

The jar keeps the biskies fresh and crunchy.

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