Dog Brush Soft Wooden (S)


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A soft wooden dog brush is the perfect accessory to maintain the lustrous coat for all your pets both short and long hair dogs. Loose hair if not removed properly from the coat can give rise of tangle and matting in your pet. This comb will help you to remove all lose hair from your dog’s coat effectively.
This soft brush is a blessing in disguise for all long and short haired pet owners. You can use this on every day basis as well. The brush will help you to get rid of all dry and flaky hair effectively and help to regulate the oil glands in your pet’s coat. Regular usage of the brush will help to prevent lose hair on your furniture and clothes as well.
Maintains luster of your coat
Gets rid of tangles and mats
Removes dry and flaky skin
Can be used for both dogs
Color – Wooden
Material – wood and Plastic
Breed – All breed
Use – To remove dead hairs
Size – Small

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