Bayer Kiltix Dog Collar Medium


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Dogs are easily prone to ticks and fleas especially during the rainy season. Apart from this, external parasite infestation can cause allergies and infections in them. Keep your dog away from all these difficult situations through Bayer Kiltix Collar in medium size. This dog necklace is a high quality collar that is smeared with chemicals like propoxur Flumetrine. It has been designed to safeguard the dog against ticks and fleas up to 7 months.

Flumethrin is the min constituent that works as anti-parasite and prevents all kinds of infestations. It is known to counteract all 3 stages of the life cycle of insects. Propoxur is another chemical used for eliminating lice and flies in dogs maintain healthy skin. Bayer Middle Kiltix dog necklace also face problems of itching and persistent scratching in dogs.


Appropriate for all dogs weighing less than or equal to 19 Kg.

Keep away ticks and fleas up to 7 months.

Reduces itching in canines.

Flumethrin repels external parasites.
Keeps away lice and flies.


Works on all breeds.




Directions for Use

Remove the collar from the pack

Unroll it and remove the plastic strips from inside the collar

Give 2-3 shakes / neck section in order to open the micro-pores in the neck

Fixing the widely collar around the neck of the dog and the free end threaded through the buckle.

Check regularly that the collar is fitted properly and comfortably and at all times


Be careful about expiry date

Do not use on cats

Do not use on sickening animals

Do not allow pets to chew collar

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