Beaphar Double Action Dog Toothpaste 100 gm


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Dog toothpaste for removing the plague & tartar.

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100 gms
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The toothpaste offers the daily protection to the dogs’ teeth which comes in the meaty flavor. It works on the plaque & prevents the formation of tartar, resulting from the fresh breath. Use the toothbrush for effective cleaning of dogs teeth. For the first time you brush your dogs’ teeth, let your dog familiarise itself with the paste.

Features: The paste has some features like anti-plaque, anti-tartar, meat flavor.

Instructions to use:

  • Apply a small amount to your figure, and let your dog lick it off.
  • The dogs will enjoy the pleasant taste.
  • Smoothly raise the upper lip to brush a few teeth, and only brush a few canines and molars during for the first treatment.
  • Make assure the dog while doing this in a gentle voice.
  • The gums are highly sensitive around the incisors, so leave those teeth until for the next brushing.
  • Build the same routine until you brush all the teeth & your dog is happy with the procedure.
  • Make sure that you always have a bowl of fresh drinking water available after brushing.


  • Don’t use human toothpaste for dogs, which are having the foaming ingredients which will irritate the dog’s stomach.
  • Keep at room temperature and out of reach of children.

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