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Fipronil is having a place with the family phenylpyrazole. It acts by cooperation with complexes framed between the chloride channels and their ligands, particularly the synapse GABA (gamma-amino butyric corrosive), therefore blocking the exchange of chloride particles crosswise over cell films to levels pre and post synaptic.

It along these lines causes uncontrolled movement on the focal sensory system of bugs and parasites and causes their demise. Fipronil kills bugs inside 24 hours, ticks

Simple to crush pipette with zero maintenance

Careful precise and exact spot application

Kills all stages, incorporating bugs in the pets encompassing for at any rate multi month Controls and treats bug sensitivity dermatitis

Controls loss of motion ticks for as long as about fourteen days

Avoid reinfestation

Quick acting long enduring advantageous for use

Indication and Dosage:

FIPROFORT PLUS gives quick, viable and helpful treatment and control of bugs, ticks and biting lice.

FIPROFORT PLUS has a quick beginning of activity and kills re-diseases with recently obtained grown-up bugs for at any rate one month.

FIPROFORT PLUS additionally averts the improvement of bug eggs, hatchlings and pupae delivered by grown-up bugs gained for a quarter of a year in hounds after treatment.

FIPROFORT PLUS controls dark colored pooch ticks for as long as one month and loss of motion ticks for as long as about fourteen days after application in hounds. Day by day looking of pooch is important to limit the danger of tick loss of motion. Looking should proceed all through the loss of motion tick season.

FIPROFORT PLUS might be utilized for the treatment and control of Flea Allergy Dermatitis in hounds.

FIPROFORT PLUS is utilized for insect control as it breaks the existence cycle on the canine and in its encompassing by executing all phases of bugs.


This item may cause disturbance of mucous layers, skin and eyes. So dodge contact of the item with the mouth, skin or eyes.

Pooches or the individuals who have known touchiness to bug sprays or liquor ought to dodge contact with the medication.

Stay away from contact of substance with the fingers. On the off chance that this happens, wash hands with cleanser and water.

If there should be an occurrence of inadvertent introduction with eyes, wash with clean water cautiously.

Try not to deal with treated mutts and don’t enable youngsters to play with treated canines until the application site is dry.

It is in this manner suggested that pooches are not treated in the day however in the early night and that as of late treated mutts are not permitted to lay down with proprietors, particularly youngsters.

Try not to smoke, drink or eat during application

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