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Fluval Co2 Kit – 88 g is the best Co2 supplementation system for the aquatic plants. It will provide important nutrients which are required by Plants to maintain tremendous, lush, vibrant growth and condition. Fluval Co2 Kit is easy to use and your plants will stay healthy and strong. The Kit comes with a regulator valve, cartridge bracket, disposable Co2 cartridge, hose, and an internal CO2 diffuser.


  • Promote plants growth
  • Provide Co2 supplementation
  • Efficiently dissolves Co2 in aquarium water
  • Holding bracket ensures stability upon installation
  • Complete pressurized Co2 system


  • Ideal for aquarium upto – (57 – 151) ltr
  • Dimension of co2 cylinder – Height – 6 inch , width – 2 inch
  • Kit include – Bracket, CO2 Cartridge (1 x 88grams), Regulator Valve, Airline Tubing Hose, Internal CO2 Diffuser, Bubble Counter
  • Installation Instructions –
  1. Make sure that the Regulator Valve is closed (knob valve turned fully clockwise)
  2. Thread the Regulator Valve onto the CO2 Cartridge and hand tighten until the Valve pierces the Cartridge for a snug fit. Place CO2 Cartridge with Regulator Valve in the Bracket
  3. Cut the required length of hosing to connect the Regulator to the Bubble Counter and to connect the Bubble Counter to the Diffuser. Tip: Measure and calculate the length of Airline Tubing Hose required according to where you will be placing the CO2 Cartridge and Bubble Counter. You will end up with two lengths of Airline Tubing Hose
  4. Open the Bubble Counter, fill it up with aquarium water and then close it. Hand tighten
  5. Loosen the Tube Lock Connectors located on the top of the Bubble Counter Cap by turning them counterclockwise. Attach one end of each of the Airline Tubing hose to the Lock Connectors. Make sure to push the hoses to the bottom of fittings. Turn the Lock Connectors clockwise and hand tighten to secure the hoses
  6. On the top the Bubble Counter Cap, you will notice that there are two arrows. The arrow pointing Down indicates CO2 Input. The hose attached to the Lock Connector next to this arrow must be connected to the Regulator. The arrow pointing Up indicates CO2 Output. The Hose attached to the Lock Connector next to this arrow must be connected to the CO2 Diffuser
  7. To connect the Bubble Counter to the CO2 Diffuser, unscrew and remove the nut on the left side of the Regulator. Thread loose end of the hose through the nut and then screw the nut back to the Regulator. Hand tighten
  8. To connect the Bubble Counter to the CO2 Diffuser, push the loose end of the hose into the top extended part of the CO2 Diffuser
  9. Place CO2 Diffuser inside your aquarium. Maximum CO2 diffusion is achieved by placing the C02 Diffuser at the bottom of the aquarium
  10. Hook or sit the CO2 Cartridge to the side of your aquarium and place the Bubble Counter beside it
  11. Once everything is set up, slowly open the Regulator until you see bubbles. Adjust rate to one bubble per one or two seconds. It is strongly recommended to regularly test pH and KH levels and then adjust CO2 input as required based on your aquarium water values
  12. Once the bubble rate is adjusted, you will see the pressure rating (value) on the pressure gauge. Please take down this number for future reference. Note: As the CO2 Cartridge empties, the pressure will lower and periodic adjustments to the bubble rate may be required
  • Maintenance – When the Pressure Gauge in front of the Regulator is at “0,” this is an indication that the CO2 Cartridge is empty or is about to be. Once the CO2 Cartridge becomes completely empty, it must be removed and replaced. Before doing so, make sure that the Regulator Valve is closed. The CO2 Cartridge provided with this kit is disposable and recyclable. Therefore, please dispose of it responsibly. The Regulator Valve can last up to two years depending on the frequency of CO2 Cartridge replacement and proper handling. To ensure proper performance of the system, it is recommended to use only Fluval replacement CO2 Cartridges. To replace CO2 Cartridge, follow steps 1, 2, 11 and 12 of the above installation instructions and make sure to release remaining C02 inside diffuser reservoir before refilling with CO2

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