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If you have a medium breed adult dog i.e. a dog who weighs between 11 – 24 kgs and is over 12 months of age, you will require a food that meets the nutritional demands of the growing dog. Fun Dog Adult Dog Food has been specially designed for adult dogs to provide them optimum nutrition. The kibble formula is packed with nutritients and micro nutrient that promote good health and support the hip and joint health of the dog too. Since they are a medium breed dog, they require food that helps them stay strong and make their bones strong to bear the weight of their entire body. The presence of antioxidant complex helps to neutralize free radicals in the blood stream. The adapted Taurine content in the food helps to maintain a healthy heart in your pet. Along with this it is fortified with high quality proteins and dietary fibers, which ensure an effective digestive system in your pet. It is a complete food and does not require additional additives.

Ideal for adult dogs
Promotes healthy digestion and immunity
Helps maintain dental health and weight
Enriched with essential anti toxidants for a healthy immune system
Contains essential omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids for soft skin and shiny tangle free fur

Quantity – 3 kgs, 10 kgs
Breed – All breed
Ingredients – Corn, wheat meal, meat meal, chicken meal (7%), chicken fat, dried beetroot pulp, sodium chloride Nutritional Value/Analysis-Supplements per kg Nutritional additives: Vitamin A 8000 IU; Vitamin D3 800 IU; Vitamin E (Alfa-tocopherol 91%) 80mg; Vitamin C 80mg; Niacin 20mg; pantotenic acid 8mg; Vitamin B2 4mg; Vitamin B6 3,2mg; Vitamin B1 2,4mg; Vitamin K3 (M.S.B. 53%) 0,8mg; Vitamin H 0,20mg; folic acid 0,24mg; Vitamin B12 0,03mg; choline chloride 150mg; Zn-zinc oxide 54mg; Zn-zinc sulphate monohydrate 60mg; Mn-manganous sulfate monohydrate 75mg; Fe-ferrous sulphate monohydrate 22mg; Fe-ferrous carbonate 30mg; Cu-copper sulphate pentahydrate 25mg; I-calcium iodate anhydrous 1,2mg; Se-sodium selenite 0,11mg Storage Instructions- store in cool dry place

Store in a cool dry place

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