Hills Prescription Diet Liver Care L/D Canine 1.5kg


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Hills Prescription Diet l/d Canine 1.5kg is an absolute dry dog food for canines experiencing a liver insufficiency. The liver is the largest internal organ having functions like detoxification of chemicals, metabolism of fats and proteins and the storage of vitamins and minerals. It is therefore vital to provide the right kind of nutrition to safeguard its health. Hills Prescription Diet l/d Canine contains an adequate amount of high-quality protein for maintaining good muscle mass and strength. The nutrition present in the meal helps in decreasing liver workload enabling the liver tissues to regenerate. The recipe contains high L-Carnitine and L-Arginine for boosting the cardiovascular system and to metabolise fats. Hills Prescription diet liver care dog food also contains clinically proven anti-oxidants for supporting a healthy immune system.

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