Hills Science Diet™ Canine Puppy SB LM&BR 3.00 Kgs


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Hills Science Diet Puppy Lamb & Rice Small Bites 3kg contains high-quality Lamb meal and other natural ingredients offering superior nutrition to puppies and pregnant or lactating dogs of all breeds. Ideal levels of Omega 6 fatty acids present in the diet encourages a healthy skin and a lustrous coat. Natural DHA from refined fish oil boosts cognitive skills and maintains good eyesight. It also helps in strengthening bones and joints of the canines. The clinically proven anti-oxidant mix of Vitamin C and Vitamin E builds a strong immune system. Hills Science Diet Puppy Lamb & Rice Small Bites contains easily digestible vitamins and minerals to support good urinary health in pups. Hills Science Diet contains no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives making the meal suitable for allergic dogs too.

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