Hills Science Diet Optimal Care Adult Cat food 1-6 Chicken Recipe 2 kg


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Hills Science Diet Optimal Care Adult Cat Food 1-6 Chicken Recipe 2 kg is a nourishing meal containing high-quality nutrition for safeguarding the health and well being of your adult feline. The food ingredients are easy to digest for supporting a higher nutrient absorption. High-quality chicken meat present in the meal makes it highly delectable. A unique blend of Omega 6 fatty acids and other minerals promote healthy skin and a radiant coat in cats within 30 days. Vitamin C + E combination act as a natural anti-oxidant for building a strong immune system in them. Hills Science Optimal Care Adult Cat food also contains taurine amino acid for boosting cardiac health and to promote good eyesight. A balanced level of Phosphorus in the diet maintains the vitality of the internal organs. Hills Science diet uses a scientific approach to ideally select ingredients and nutrients that suits your felines biology.

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