Himalaya Erina-EP Shampoo 200 ml Ecto-Parasiticidal


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Himalaya Ecto parasites such as ticks and fleas are a real trouble maker and do not fare well with our pets. Ticks and fleas not only irritate our pooches and root itching and rashes on the skin.

Ticks are also responsible for spreading such diseases as Lyme disease and Tick Fever. Himalaya understands that your pets require protection from ticks and fleas and have specially formulated

Himalaya Erina Ecto Parasitical Shampoo for dogs. Finished with Eucalyptus and Neem the shampoo is harmless for your pets and does not harm the skin or coat.

The anti-septic and germicidal properties of the Eucalyptus and Neem keeps the ecto – parasites away and relieves any skin irritation and combats bacterial and fungal skin infections.


Averts the exterior parasites like – ticks, fleas and lice in pets.

Controls antimicrobial and antifungal actions which cause the skin infections.

Nourishes the overall skin condition.


Control of external parasites likes – ticks, fleas and lice.

To improve overall skin health.

Key ingredients

Eucalyptus (Tailaparni) has antibacterial and germicidal properties, which save insects at bay and endorse overall skin health.

Neem (Nimba) is an antifungal agent that relieves itching, redness and irritation. It combats bacterial and fungal skin infections, thus improving immunity against skin infections.

Directions for Use

Wet the pet’s body thoroughly with water.

Apply the required quantity of shampoo and rub thoroughly till it reaches the hair root & obtains lather.

Rest the lather on the body for 10-15 minutes and wash with water.

Rinse well, dry towel and carefully brushing the skin.

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