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Isoflud injection is a sterile aqueous suspension of isoflupredone acetate, having potent glucocorticoid activity. Isoflud injection containing isoflupredone acetate is the only corticosteroid approved by USFDA for lactating dairy animals. Isoflud is also found to be safe in pregnant animals.

Isoflud is intended for intramuscular or intra-synovial injection in animals. It is indicated through the intramuscular route in sítuations requiring glucocorticoid, anti-inflammatory, and / supportive effect while the intrasynovial route is indicated in joint inflammation tendonitis & bursitis.

Isofupredone is an effective and valuable treatment for the endocrine and metabolic

imbalance of primary bovine ketosis. Isoflupredone is nearly 10 times more gluconeogenic than prednisolone, 50 times that of hydrocortisone & 67 times that of cortisone as measured by liver glycogen deposition in rats.

In animals With overwhelmingly severe infections for which antibacterial therapy is available (e.g. pneumonia. peritonitis endometritis, specific mastitis) isoflupredone therapy may be used as a supportive therapy.

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