Nappets Warm Fleece Dog Coat


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Let your lovely pet enjoy the winter season. The Nappets Warm Fleece dog coat is the perfect apparel to keep your dog warm this winter. The coat is made of high-quality fleece and has all the elements of design and elegance. If you want your dog to look strikingly adorable, the coat is just the right choice. Designed for easy use, the coat has a Velcro closure that is easy to administer.

The breathable fabric maintains the right temperature and lets the dog cool off in case of high heat. Whether your dog loves long walks or playing in the park, you can let it wear the jacket without any concern, the design will ensure that the dog enjoys great comfort at all times.

The leash hole boosts the usability as you can put a leash on the dog even when the dog is wearing the jacket. The design and color are amazing and never out of date. It is recommended to measure the dog’s neck girth and chest girth carefully to ensure ultimate comfort when it wears the jacket. Affordable and impressive, the jacket is available in different sizes.

  • Easy to wash and care
  • High-quality fleece
  • Easy Velcro closure
  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • Trendy and available in different sizes



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