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Cranberry extract is packed with antioxidant and has always been a popular treatment for recurring UTIs. It contains a compound called proanthocyanidins that prevents E.coli bacteria from causing problems in the bladder
D-Mannose is simple sugar found in many fruits, and it’s a key component in fighƟng UTIs. It prevents bacteria from attaching to the bladder walls and send them safely out of the body in the urine.
DL-Methionine is a natural amino acid that is used as a supplement to treat bladder infections and prevent bladder stones in dogs. It works by acidifying urine to prevent the formation of struvite stones caused by high alkaline content
Sodium Ascorbate is an important antioxidant for dogs that can help reduce potentially harmful free radicals in your pet’s body that provides relief to dogs who suffer from UTIs
Cranine Chews are formulated with a properietary, highly palatable ingredients to ensure all pets readily consume them.Administer free choice orally to the pet as a treat or crumble over the pet’s food at mealtime. If crumbled over food, consumption should be monitored.
Composition (Each Chew Contains)
Cranine Is Scientifically Formulated Comprehensive Formula :
Cranine Chews Support
Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) :
Optimal bladder function
Provide essential immune support to maintain overall health
Chews are bilateraly scored and can be easily broken for accurate dosing. For best results during and UTI occurrence, the daily dosage should be administered every 12 hours.

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