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Whole Weaning formula with natural milk protein
Easy to digest, Delicious, Nourishing formula
Made To Follow Mother’s Milk
Makes Weaning Easier
Give your kitten the nourishment she needs with Weaning Kitten Food. This highly digestible powdered supplement is formulated to help 4 week-old + kitten, nursing kittens transition to solid foods. It contains natural milk for a protein-rich, creamy transitional your kitty will love. And since it’s a powder, it doesn’t require any refrigeration! Your little one will love the taste and you’ll love the easy convenience of serving this supplement.
Nutritional Details Each 100g Contains
Serving Quantity and Frequency:
Quantity per Serving
Kitten Weight
Age (wks) Weaning Powder (g) Water (ml) No. of Serving
225 4 5 – 6 9 – 18 4 – 5
750 8 – 12 22 – 32 3 – 4
1500 16 – 20 45 – 50 3 – 4

Weigh Kitten Once a week

Directions For Use:

Boil drinking water for 5 minutes, Leave it till it becomes lukewarm. Add Neolac feline to lukewarm water as per requirement ratio to make a smooth paste. Feeding frequency may be varied as per Veterinarian advice.
Discard unused feed

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