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200 ml
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The joints are extremely complex. Joints provide natural flexibility and shock-absorbing ability to allow your dog to cope with daily activity

Smoothie Pet ortho

Assists stiff joints and promotes mobility.

Support older dogs in preventing wearing of cartilages, tendons and ligaments

Supplementary therapy in cases of fractures and surgical operations on joints and muscles

Extreme stress and strain from competing or from dog shows.

Nutritional Supplement for management of Arthritis

Feeding Instructions

Recommended dosage is a general guideline. Different dogs respond differently to Smoothie Pet – Ortho. Usually after the initial loading programme the daily intake is to be reduced. But do not lower the suggested intakes unless advised by your veterinary surgeon.

Smoothie Pet – Ortho can be fed directly or mixed in with their normal feed

Dosage Per Day:
1st 6 Weeks
Upto 10 Kg : 6ml
10-25 Kg : 8ml
25-40 Kg : 10ml
Above 40 Kg : 15ml
Maintenance :
Dosage Per Day
Upto 25 Kg : 3ml
25-40 Kg : 5ml
Above 40 Kg : 10ml

Nutritional Information : Nutrients

Per 5 ml. Per 100 ml.
Glucosamine (Salts) 500 mg. 10000 mg.
Chondroitin 200 mg. 4000 mg.
MSM 100 mg. 2000 mg.
Vitamin C 50 mg. 1000 mg.
Zinc (Elemental) 30 mg. 600 mg.
Bromelian 25 mg. 500 mg.
Curcumin (95%) 60 mg. 1200 mg.
Boswellia (65%) 60 mg. 1200 mg.
Collagen Peptide 1000 mg. 20000 mg.
Fish Oil 1800 mg. 36000 mg.
Total Omega-3 600 mg. 12000 mg.
Elcosapentaenoic Acid (EPA) 250 mg. 5000 mg.
Doxosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) 190 mg. 3800 mg.
Omega-6 2500 mg. 50000 mg.
Vitamin A 202.5 mg. 4050 mg.
Vitamin E 50 I.U. 1000 I.U.
Vitamin B6 168.75 mg. 3375 mg.

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