Neo Kumfurt Tik Chik Spray For Flea & Tick In Dogs & Cats, 120ml


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120 ml
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0.25% w/v
For the treatment and prevention of tick and flea infestation on dogs and cats.
Dosage And Directions For Use
Use only as directed by the veterinarian.
Method Of Administration
Spray on the entire body of the animal, and apply from a distance of approximately 10-20 cm. Apply against the lay of the hair and make sure that the entire coat of the animal is wetted. Ruffle the coat especially in long haired animals, so that the product penetrates down to the skin. Allow to dry naturally. Do not towel dry.
Route Of Administration
Mechanical pump spray for external use. Trigger application is best when used with “SPRAY” setting on the nozzle.
In order to wet the coat down to the skin, depending on the length of the hair, it is recommended that a minimum 3 ml per kg body mass. (7.5 mg of active material per kg body mass) to short haired animals and 6 ml per kg body mass (15 mg of active material per kg body mass) to long haired animals be applied.
The formulation contains a coating agent producing a film which makes the haircoat appear glossy. Neither rain nor shampooing affects the duration of effect of Tik Chik Spray on ticks and fleas. Do not bath or shampoo your pet within 48 hours of Tik Chik application.
Residual Effect
Tik Chik 0.25 spray has a residual effect of 1 month (3-5 weeks) against ticks and 2 months (1-3 months) against fleas, depending on the parasite challenge in the animal’s environment. Tik chik 0.25 Spray may be used on pregnant and lactating female Dogs/Cats and on unweaned puppies/kittens, only after consultation with a veterinarian.
For animal treatment only.
Keep out of reach of children.
Inflammable : Keep away from flame
A Practical Guide To The Treatment With
Tik Chik Spray
Suggested pump actions
For cats and dogs over 10 kg 3 pump actions per kg
45 pump actions for animal weighing 15 kg
90 pump actions for animal weighing 30 kg.

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