Dematting Razor for Dog Hair Matting


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Dematting Comb with Straight Blades for dogs with long haired or medium coat.This Dematting razor features 8 serrated edge straight blades and thumb rests which made easy to use. It helps to get into those hard-to-reach areas for breaking up tough mats and removing tangles easily.The additional blade cover keeps blades in a safe place before you use.


For medium to large dogs
Teeths are moulded into the combs body for the maximum durablity
Durable stainless-steel blades are sharpened for optimum cutting effort
Renmoves mats and tangles easily without stress to pet
Comfort grip handled assists action and minimized fatigue

Length of the Razor – 7 inches
9 saw – tooth blades

Comb your pet carefully, being cautious to keep sharpened edge of the blade from coming in contact with the pet’s skin
When clearing a mat , try to hold the hair at the roots to avoid pulling the skin,then work from the outer ends towards the roots,using short stroke
Carefully comb in the direction of hair growth until the dematting razor glides easily through the coat.
The coat should be clean and manageable at this point

The dematting blades are designed to cut hair only, do not use to cut any other material
The sharpened edges are very care. Use with care

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