Flementic Skin Oil & Cleanser – (70 + 100 ml)


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Flementic Skin Oil is specially designed to aid in the healing of skin that has been marred by skin problems such as dermatitis, rashes, dryness and even ectoparasitic infestation. Flementic oil is made with natural ingredients such as neem and aloe vera that protect the skin from drying and naturally heal it. They also protect the skin and promote glossy coat and soft skin. The eucalyptus in the oil reduces extoparasitic infestation and protects the dogs.

Flementic Cleanser genty cleans the skin and has healing properties of neem, satavha, eucalyptus and aloe vera.

Made with natural ingredients – neem, satavha, eucalyptus and aloe vera
Protects the skin from dryness, ectoparasitic problems and other bacterial or fungal problems
Promotes soft skin and glossy coat
Flementic Skin Oil & Cleanser – (70 + 100 ml)
Store in a cool dark place
60 minutes prior to a bath, apply Flementic skin oil
After 60 minutes wet the body with luke warm water
Apply shampoo and gently massage
Leave for 5 – 10 minutes
Rinse well
Air / Towel dry

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