Marina Betta Kit Monochrome 2 Ltr


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Marina Monochrome Betta Kit is perfect to brighten up your workstation in office or any dull corner within your home and comes in an aesthetically appealing shape. The kit as the name suggests is perfect to a keep a betta fish, these are colorful fish in case you are wondering. The aquarium can be kept almost anywhere in your office or home.
The Monochrome betta tank comes in a small size and can be accommodated anywhere in your house or office space. It comes with gravel to be kept in a box provided in the aquarium. Along with this you also get a Nutrafin Max Betta fish, especially formulated for your Betta fish and Nutrafin Betta conditioner that ensures healthy growth of your fish. The kit comes with a monochrome theme background for your tank.
Easy to clean and maintain
Can be easily accommodated anywhere
Comes with water conditioner, food and gravel
Perfect to keep Betta fish
Capacity – 2 L (1/2 US gal)
Kit include –
Clear plastic cube aquarium with frame
Colourful gravel
Decorative background with Ying/Yang theme
Nutrafin Max Betta Food
Nutrafin Betta Plus Conditioner

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