Petkin Liquid Oral Care For Dog & Cat – 240 ml


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240 ml
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The Petkin Liquid Oral Care for dog and cat is a magical solution to maintain the oral hygiene of your dog and cat. This 240ml bottle will help you dog to maintain a fresh breath at all times. This helps to maintain the teeth and prevents formation of plaque and tartar on teeth.
This magical solution will help you to cater to a lot of issues with just one product. It will maintain a fresh breath and remove all odor from your dog’s and cats breath. It will remove and prevent the formation of tartar on teeth. This will also help your preventing yellowing of your pets teeth with regular use. The product does not have any taste or color so can be easily diluted in your pet’s food or water. There is no requirement of administering it directly.
Maintains oral hygiene of pet
Fresh breath at all times
Colourless and tasteless
Prevents tartar
Whitens and brightens teeth
Quantity – 240 ml
Ingredients – Water, glycerine, zinc gluconate, cetyl- pyridinium chloride, aloe vera gel, baking soda, potassium sorbate, methylparaben, malic acid
Instructions – Shake gently before use. Add capful of Liquid Oral Care to every 8 ounces of drinking water. Prepare fresh drinking water every day. You will start seeing results in as little as 2 weeks. Use daily for best results.
Note: Most pets accept Liquid Oral Care right away. If not, try adding ᄐ capful per 8 ounces of water the first few days until your pet fully accepts
Suitable for – Safe for daily use on dogs and puppies over 6 weeks of age, cats and kitten
Storage – Store in cool dry place

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