Race Avena Oat Shampoo – 200ml


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200 ml
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Made with oatmeal extract
Pleasant long lasting fragrance
Gently cleans the skin and keeps it soft and supple
Promotes healthy hair growth
Keeps the fur glossy and smooth
Race Avena Oat Shampoo – 200ml

Race Avena Oat Shampoo has been specially designed by pet experts to provide expert cleansing and grooming experience for your pooches. The shampoo is made with oatmeal extract that is safe and great for the skin. The healing and soothing properties of oats make the shampoo perfect for all skin types. Oats are a rich source of Omega 6 Fatty acids which are great for the skin. The shampoo gently cleans the skin and removes all dirt and debris. The moisturising content in shampoo keeps the skin soft and supple and promotes a glossy coat. The shampoohas a pleasant fragrance that stays on the pooch even after the bath keeping them smelling fresh and clean all the time.

Store in a cool dark place
Do not apply in eyes, ears, nose or mouth
For animal use only
Wet the coat with luke warm water
Apply shampoo and massage gently on the body – tail, shoulder, neck, belly
Leave for two minutes
Rinse well with lots of water
Air / towel dry

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