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The double row Martingale is often used for dog showing & just as often used by doggie show-offs. You should’t miss this Herm Sprenger Martingale Collar, that will perfectly fit to your dog! This collar is designed to provide more control over the dog. Unlike usual Choke collars, Martingales have a bit different choking effect. Another advantage you must have already noticed, is that it protects your dog’s hair from pulling and breaking, as it is made of long links. 2.0mm Martingale single row flat link Chain collar made by Herm. Sprenger in Germany. Martingale collars are often described as “limited slip”. Sprenger has a well deserved Worldwide reputation for quality, longevity & affordability – you don’t need to settle for second best. Sprenger’s quality control starts with the right choice of wire, their specifications are very strict, the wire must satisfy their stringent strength & flexibility requirements. The wire is electro-welded into the raw chains which are constantly checked for breaking strain before plating.


It will definitely save your dog’s hair from knotting, pulling and breaking
You’ll not find better collar for training and everyday life at the same time
This Collar will be perfect fit for your dog
Double row collar
Diameter – 2.0 mm and length – 24 Inch
How to size your dog for the fur saver:
Please measure the circumference of your dog’s neck and head in the widest place. Compare neck and head sizes and add 1-2 inches to bigger size to determine an appropriate collar length.
For Example: your dogs neck around 20 inches and head around (in the widest part) 22 inches. You should add 1-2 inches to bigger – head size in this case and choose 23 or 24 inches size collar.
Never leave your dog unattended, when wearing a Fur Saver Collar, because it may result in injuries.
Please note, if your dog is not fully grown, you should order Fur Saver that will perfectly fit him. It shouldn’t be bigger, because it will slip off his head and will be probably lost.

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