Trixie Scratching Cardboard Lying For Cat – (5x19Inch)


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The Trixie Scratching cardboard lying for cat can be placed anywhere in the house for your cat to play with. This is a basic cardboard scratching board for cats of all ages. This is a very important tool if you have cats in your house. This plays on the inherent need of your cat to scratch; getting home this handy toy can save your upholstery and furniture.

This basic colour board is portable and can be taken anywhere, so this can be a perfect for the vacations. The lying scratching board is fun for all cats and it can even be dusted with catnip, which attracts your pet towards the board. This Trixie scratching board can be placed anywhere in the house though you should always make sure that it is placed in an area, which is easily accessible by your cat and he or she can see it. There is no age limit to use this scratching board and can be used by cats of all age.


Fun scratching board for your cat
Works on cat’s basic instinct to scratch
Can be placed anywhere
Easy to maintain

Length – 19 inch
Width – 5 inch
Material – Cardboard
Suitable for – All cats

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