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Urine Off
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If you are living with your pet and the house is smelling it is possible that there are some secret places where your pet is urinating. Once the Urine is dried it get difficult to find out the remains, which can be smelling bad. You might have seen the UV detectors been used in movies. Similarly we have and UV light Torch, which works as Urine Finder. It has a Mini LED the urine place will glow when the light falls on the place. The UV light from traces the biological remians of uric acid. These traces cannot be seen otherwise.
This light can also find other liquid remains. Such as when the female is on heat and she sits some where, it will leave a spot. These remains can also be detected by this torch.
Innovative design
Helps detect hard to find urine and other biological stains
Works on ultraviolet lights
Easy to use light
Quantity – 1
Instructions – Unscrew Switch-end cap, Insert 3 AAA batteries, For Best Result, darken room
Prolonged exposure to UV light can damage eye. UV protective eyewear is recommended for extensive use.

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