Sera Koi Color Medium Fish Food, 360 g


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Sera Koi Royal Medium Fish Food 360gm Sera koi royal mini enhance the growth and wellness of all young and growing koi. It is ideally suitable for feeding throughout the whole year as it is very easy to digest. The balanced amounts of natural minerals, trace elements and added vitamins enhance natural resistance and vitality of the koi.


Feeding Guide: Feed several times daily, but only as much as the fish can consume within three minutes.
Do not overfeed.We recommend to additionally feed sera koi professional spirulina color food for intense colors.
Ingredients: Fish meal, corn starch, wheat flour, wheat germ meal, wheat gluten, fish oil, brewers yeast, krill meal, green lipped mussel meal, garlic, colorants.
sera koi color enhances the splendid colors of all medium sized Koi. It is especially easy to digest due to the careful processing of its high quality ingredients.

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