Sheba Sheba Premium Cat Food Skipjack & Salmon 35g


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Make your cat happy by feeding them. Sheba premium cat food Skipjack & Salmon in a gravy form. One can avail this food for all types of adult cats as it ensures healthy and natural coat of a cat. Promote a healthy growth of your kitty by offering them this nutritious food. Ensure your cat’s optimal health by adding this Sheba Premium Cat Food to their diet.

The Sheba Premium Cat Food is quality food with delicious taste and contains pieces of real tuna and snapper. These given fishes are rich in mineral content, which are good for healthy heart of your cats.

High quality adult cat food providing complete nutrition for your adult cat
Scrumptious cat food flakes carefully prepared in a divine melting jelly
Completely, energy-packed and nutritionally balanced food.
Rich source of vitamins, proteins and amino acids, omega 3 fatty acids.
Supports proper growth and good health of your pet.
Life-stage – Adult
Breed – All breed
Quantity (Weight) – 35X12 gm
Feeding Guidelines –
Adult Cat’s Weight (KG ) Daily Meal Recommendations
1 – 3 kg 1 – 3 Pouch
3 – 5 kg 3- 5 Pouch

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