Sky Ec Kitty Start 300 gm


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Premium kitten weaning food for all breeds
Specially formulated for kittens 3 to 8 weeks

Boosted with Taurine
Pre & Probiotics for optimal digestion
Colostrum advantage

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300 gms
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Sky-Ec Kitty Start has been formulated to meet the nutritional need of young kittens being weaned from mother or bottle-fed kittens progressing to solid foods. It can also be used as food supplements for the mother while pregnant, nursing her kitten or for convalescing cats.


Formulated for healthy growth and development with natural protein
Tastes delicious and offers superior digestibility
Improves weight gain in kittens
ideal supplements for post-surgery and convalescence cats
Improves immunity and keeps your kitten active

Feeding Instructions:

Keep Kittystart in an empty, clean, and dry container
Start with 1 gram of Kittystart and gradually increase the quantities by the 2nd day as indicated below
Use the prepared feed within 30 minutes
After opening use the kitty start within 3 weeks of the expiry date whichever is earlier

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