Sky-Ec Tickfree Spot On For 40kg to 60Kg Dogs


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Being a well known name in pet healthcare, Sky Ec also has a very effective spot-on treatment for ticks in very large dogs – 40 kgs to 60 kgs.

Spot-on treatments are specially effective against ticks as they act directly on the ticks, their larvae and eggs.

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40kg to 60Kg
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Sky Ec Tickfree Spot On For 40kg to 60Kg Dogs prevents and controls Re-infestations and kills adult fleas, flea eggs and flea larvae.
Kills fleas, ticks, all flea stages, including fleas in the pet’s surroundings for at least 1 month.
Convenient to use.
Fast action.
Directions for use:

Snap applicator tip away from the face and body.
Place applicator tip through pet’s hair to the skin level between the shoulders.
Squeeze pipette, applying the entire contents in one or two spots to the animal’s skin.
Only one pipette per treatment is required.

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