TAIYO Marine Flake Fish Food – 25 gm (Pack Of 4)


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The Tayio Marine Flake fish food in 25gm is perfect for all marine fishes; these salt water fishes have special nutritional requirements as well. The flakes are mostly suitable for mid water feeding fishes such as Anemone, Damsel, Surgeon and Dwarf Angel just to name a few. This food has been specially formulated to be fed on everyday basis.
The marine flake fish food in 25gm has been made with added minerals to ensure optimal health of all your fishes. The multi vitamins in the food help to maintain and boost the immune system of the fishes. The food is highly digestible for all your marine fishes to ensure that the waste levels are to the minimum. It contains additional lecithin to ensure that all nutrients are absorbed by the fish. In addition there is a good ratio of spirulina a natural ingredient that helps to maintain and enhance the color of the marine fishes.
Perfect for mid water dwelling fishes
Additional multi vitamins to boost immunity
Lecithin to help absorb the minerals
Spirulina to maintain and enhance color

Weight – 25 gm
Form – Flake
Suitable for – Marine fish

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