TAIYO Spirulina Flake Fish Food – 100 gm


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The Taiyo Spirulina Flake Fish Food in 100 gm can be teamed with any tropical flakes from the same brand to provide optimal quality of food. The spirulina flakes are extremely beneficial for the East African cichlids, its helps to enhance the color, it is useful for all livebearers such as mollies and guppies. You can give this food along mixed with other kind of food as well.

The 100gm pack of spirulina flake is perfect if you have a mix of fishes in your tank. They contain required Spirulina and Algae, which are one of the most important ingredients for all herbivore fishes. The food also helps the fishes to maintain and enhance their natural color to maintain the visual appeal of your tank at all times. The presence of lecithin and Astaxanthin helps to maintain and promote healthy fishes. This can be given either on occasional basis or mixed with other fish food on regular basis as well to ensure perfect health and color of your cichlids.


Contains spirulina and algae to enhance color
Promotes healthy growth
Maintains shape of fishes
Can be mixed with other tropical flakes

Weight – 100 gm
Form – Flakes
Suitable for – Fresh water fish

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