Vetoquinol Reltix Anti Tick & Flea Pet Shampoo, 200 ml


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Anti-tick & flea shampoo for dogs.

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200 ml
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The Ticks and Fleas are a common problem to both humans & pets. To protect your pets from tick and flea infestation, the reltix Anti Tick & Fleas Shampoo is the best solution, which can be easily used on dogs. In the regular usage, the tick and flea infestation will come down.

For the effective & control of fleas and ticks.
Usable for dogs as well.
To control ticks & fleas.
Directions for use:

Make the pet coat wet.
On a wet coat, apply the shampoo & gently massage it.
Rub thoroughly to form a rich lather and work back to the tail.
Make sure that your dog does not lick the shampoo as it can be harmful if ingested.
Avoid eyes and ears.
Rinse thoroughly and air dry.

Do not use on lactating or gestation dogs.
Do not use on puppies younger than 4 months.
Make sure the puppy does not lick.

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