AAYURVET Caloz Supplement for Dog – 300 gm


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AYURVET Caloz Supplement for Dog – 300 gm

Calcium supplement is very important your dog. AyurvetCaloz supplement contains good amount of calcium and phosphorus. Calcium is important for bones and teeth develop in your puppy. In adult dogs this helps to maintain and strengthen the bones and teeth.

It is very important to know that not just calcium to help your pet maintain healthy bones and teeth. You need supplements have added amount of phosphorus to ensure healthy development.

Supplements will help your dog to counter all common related issues. The supplement will help your pet maintain weight and help facilitate growth as well. This is extremely important in the growing years of your dog. Your food can not include the calcium that is required by your pet.


  • Develops strong bones and teeth in puppies
  • Helps to maintain and strengthen in adult dogs
  • Prevents all joint related problems
  • Facilitate in growth

Storage Instructions

  • Store in cool dry place

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