AYURVET Charmaid Aid for Skin Affections for Dog – 30 Capsules


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30 Capsules
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AYURVET Charmaid Aid for Skin Affections for Dog – 30 Capsules

Skin problems are very common with dogs. This can be because of various reasons. Summer and rainy seasons give rise to the itch; the hot and humid weather can be also the perfect breeding ground of fleas, parasites and other infections.

You can now treat your pet and keep its skin with these Charmaid help with skin conditions. These 30 capsule packs from Ayurvet have been made with all natural products and does not harm your pet on any way. It helps to preserve the luster of your companions coat and also prevents all dry skin.

It helps to avoid and kill all mange, ringworms and other exterior parasite. This is very useful in case of dermatitis. If your dog has an injury or distress to the skin using Charmaid not only help soothe the wound, but also help heal at a faster pace.


  • Helps to kill all external parasites
  • Soothes the skin
  • Heals all wounds and afflictions
  • Assist early recovery of skin affections
  • Prevents relapse of skin affections
  • Reduces undesirable skin inflammation/Irritation
  • Used as a blood purifier for prevention of skin affections during risk periods


  • Allium sativum 100.00,
  • Cedrusdeodara 25.00,
  • Berberisaristata extract 12.50,
  • Azadirachtaindica 12.50,
  • Mangiferaindica extract 12.50,
  • Shilajit extract 10.00,
  • Saussurealappa extract 10.00,
  • Excipients q.s.

Storage Instructions 

Store in cool dry place

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