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The species of Tropical Finches are sociable birds who love to live in groups. Thy often feed on seeds which provides them with the required nutrition for proper growth and development. They are small in size and are one of the exotic bird species. Manitoba’s Mixture of Tropical Finches is the perfect choice of bird food for them. Be it Zebra Finch, Amandava, Diamond-tailed Finch, or the Chaffinch Java Finch, this mixture is food for all.



The Mixture of Tropical Finches is constituted of components keeping the dietary needs and requirements of Tropical Finches in mind. These include:

Niger Seeds
Yellow Panicum
Red Millets
Canary Seeds
Ingredient Analysis:

If we analyse what makes up the product, we would get,

62% of Raw Fiber
52% of Moisture
5% of Raw Protein
46% of Raw Fat
69% of Raw Ash
These components keep the daily dietary needs of the lively Finches in check. The birdies keep up with their health by feeding on the seeds regularly.

Feeding Guide:

Finches move about in large numbers searching for seeds when they are out in the open. They look for food in forests and shrublands. While you have Tropical Finches as pets, you can feed them the Esotici, the mixture for Tropical Finches.

Feed the mixture to your birdies every single day and make sure you keep the average amount same, 3/4th of the bowl.
Finches love green leafy veggies as well. You can include that in their diet too, on alternate days. They will enjoy it.
Dried herbs once in every week will act as a supplement to the nourishment that the birdies get from the seed mixture.
You can also feed them egg-food or oyster shells as special treats for them.
Always remember clean water is a must for the birdies. It goes a long way in keeping their good health intact.

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