Manitoba Mixture For ParaKeet Birds


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A good diet filled with nutrition is essential for the bird species and Parakeets, no matter how small they look, have dietary needs that need to be met to keep their health up and going. Manitoba’s Mixture of Parakeet is the bird food whose organoleptic attributes will meet the dietary needs of all your feathery friends. It meets the requirements of their daily nutrition and makes sure the Parakeets enjoy it like their natural diet.



The Mixture of Parakeet is made of the best of the constituents. They provide nourishment to the birdies and make sure they are in their best of their health at all times. The compositions include:

Sunflower Seeds
Yellow Millets
Canary Seeds
Red Millets
Oats (peeled)
Ingredient Analysis:

The ingredients that make up the bird food are:

75% of Raw Fiber
90% of Moisture
50% of Raw Protein
25% of Raw Fat
10% of Raw Ash
Nutrition Analysis:

What do the Parakeets take in when they feed up on the mixture? It is essential to find that out. Well, we have information about that as well.

A minimum of 23% of crude protein
10% of crude fat
A maximum of % of crude fiber
14% of moisture and
A minimum of 1.5% of linoleic acid
With all these nutrients, the little birdies obtain all the necessary enrichments for their proper health and growth.

Feeding Guide

Parakeets love feeding on a large variety of foods. Seeds and pellets is what their natural generally depends on but a little variety will brighten up your birdie’s mood and provide them with nutrients of all kinds.

You can give them the Mixture of Parakeet daily. But a little fruit, at least, once in a week will be a treat for them.
They love vegetables and sprouts as well. You can treat them with veggies on alternate days.
Make sure the mixture always fills 3/4th of the bowl which will constitute 75% of their natural diet.
Green leafy veggies (20% of diet) and fruits (like apples and bananas (5% of diet) will make sure your Parakeets receive all round nourishment.
Clean and fresh water is a must every single day.

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