Aroma Tree Buy AROMATREE natural products and create a soothing experience
The AromaTree natural products are considered as a blessing in disguise. The products create a soothing experience for all the members around. Aroma Tree natural products treat over- exertion, restlessness, insomnia, anxiety and create a peaceful atmosphere. It keeps your pets clean, fragrant, happy, fresh and healthy. It acts as an antiseptic and keeps your pet away from fleas, mosquitoes and other harmful insects. It can easily remove odor. You can spray these products in your room or car.
Ingredients are based on natural plant extracts, Tee tree oil- most powerful natural disinfectant, anti-bacterial substances. All the ingredients use are totally safe and does not affect pets olfactory senses and non-toxic.

Imparts natural wellness
Keeps away fleas, flies and other pests
Useful in winters
Ideal for rooms and cars
Effective up to 4 hours
Gives aroma therapy
Natural products
Long lasting freshness
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